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23 Best Inspiring Cloud Themed Baby Shower (2018)

cloud themed baby shower decorations

There are almost too many ideas available today, and often the host of a party finds themselves suffering apoplexy at the idea of selecting a baby shower theme. One of them is Cloud Themed Baby Shower. Another thing to consider is how much to emphasize a baby’s gender. There are lots of ideas for baby boy shower themes and baby girl shower themes. But a shower doesn’t have to be geared toward the baby’s gender. Sometimes just a solid color scheme can lend a more formal feel to the occasion. For example, pink and brown is a trendy color combination for a girl, while blue and brown is currently popular for boys.

baby shower balloon rain cloud baby shower cloud decoration

If you’re planning a baby shower for a friend or family member, you might wonder if you need to choose a theme. The baby shower cloud decoration, food and games for a themed party revolve around a single idea, such as a nursery rhyme, the gender of the baby or a hobby of the parent-to-be and cloud themed baby shower cake. Keep in mind at the end of the day, the party is meant for fun and relaxation before baby arrives. Do some basic research and come up with your choice of colors and items that you want to incorporate into your theme and get yourself organized.

baby shower cloud theme baby shower cloud with raindrops

After selecting a baby shower theme, planning the party is easy. Once cloud baby shower invitations have been mailed out and RSVP’s have been received, plan on spending some time making a list of food items that will be needed, decorations you plan on acquiring, settling on party favors and deciding on a few fun games to play. For decades, showers were a female domain. They were usually given only before the birth of a first baby. Many people still hold to the tradition of all-female showers, but today, it’s common for both moms and dads to attend a shower.

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