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25 New Design Baby Sprinkle Invitations 2018!! (With Clear Definition)

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There are tons of great theme ideas, such as a closed umbrella and a couple of rain drops (like a sprinkle of rain!), or perhaps a “Pampering of the Mom” theme. Baby sprinkles are fresh and modern, and becoming more and more popular. They’re a great alternative to a baby shower for a repeat mom-to-be.?? Try New Design Baby Sprinkle Invitations 2018 !!. Baby sprinkle definition is a step below a baby shower. Rather than a huge bash, the mommy can gather with her absolute closest friends and family and receive a few necessities.

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Baby sprinkles are a newer trend—so new that the etiquette is still a little unclear. Some people wonder why moms need another party when they had a baby shower for their first baby, so we’ll clear it up for you. Baby sprinkles are more for women who are becoming a mom for the second time around (or third!) and who already had a baby shower for their firstborn. Since she already has the big ticket items from her first baby, such as a crib, stroller and high chair, she only needs a few smaller items. A baby sprinkle gives the opportunity to celebrate all babies, not just the first born!Sometimes the baby sprinkle is a chance to prepare for a new gender. Say Mom got everything she needed for her first baby, a boy. All the blue clothes with trucks and planes on them won’t work well if Baby No. 2 is a girl.

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You can still play games like Baby Shower Bingo, and if you feel favors or give aways are necessary of baby sprinkle games. If a coworker or acquaintance has a baby sprinkle, you might not even know or be invited to it. The sprinkle tends to be a smaller version of the shower. Typically, only family members and close friends are invited, and there isn’t a registry. But just because it’s smaller, that doesn’t mean you can’t play games.

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