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Adorable doraemon baby shower (New Data!!!)

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The arrival of every baby needs to be celebrated, Planning a Doraemon Baby Shower can be so much fun! While some mamas do host their own showers, traditionally someone will throw your baby shower for you. It could be a family member or close female friend. If no one offers to throw your shower, don’t be shy about asking a loved one if they’d be on board for hosting your shower. The eco way to do it, and keep costs down is by sending email Doraemon Baby Shower invitations. But if you want something to stick in your baby book, a personalised invitation card is just the job. Invite the mother-to-be’s mom, aunts, sisters, cousins, and her best friends.

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Usually, the mama-to-be should be involved with choosing a venue, which we’ll discuss in more detail below. The date is something that the expectant mother should definitely be a part of choosing. It’s important to find a date the works for everyone and should probably be coordinated with important guests like aunts and grandparents-to-be as well. Find a party store in your area or search discount stores or the internet for plates, tablecloths, napkins, banners, balloons, favors and so on to match your theme or colors. Decorative plates and napkins look so cute on the refreshment table.

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Planning a menu for a doraemon baby shower food does not have to be a difficult task, though. Most of the time the menu involves appetizers and finger foods, which reduce the chore from a fancy sit-down dinner to something more manageable. Early morning showers that take place before noon can have brunch-type food served. Brunch food consists of various mixtures of fruit salads, quiches, breakfast meats, breads, and some type of egg dish. A baby shower menu that includes time for tea offers a varied mix of foods sure to please even fussy palates. Besides tea, hot or iced, serve small sandwiches cut into triangles, rectangles, diamonds, or circles.

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