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Baby Shower Ideas at the Park ( + With Photos )

Baby Shower Ideas at the Park Backyard bohemian

Having an outdoor party gives the different moment for everyone. Fun baby shower party, nice weather, and natural outdoor’s view will be a perfect combination. Many ideas can be picked for the outdoor baby shower party like the baby shower ideas at the park. Choosing park for your baby shower venue is a brilliant choice for everyone who looking for the budget-friendly venue. You will also get some beautiful ideas for the outdoor-inspired baby shower that suitable for the park, like the simple baby shower ideas at the park, creative baby shower ideas at the park, unique baby shower ideas at the park, and baby shower ideas at the park backyard. So, let’s just find them out below!

baby shower at the park food ideas

Simple Baby Shower Ideas at the Park

Celebrating and welcoming the new little baby into the family always bring a lot of happiness for everyone. Fun baby shower party will be prepared to celebrate this special moment. But, it seems not easy to host baby shower since there are so many ideas for baby shower are available. Then, the simple baby shower ideas at the park can be picked for those of people who are looking for a simple, fun and even unique baby shower party. The park baby shower can be a lovely even with any simple idea. The most important step to planning a simple park baby shower is deciding the theme. You can choose a simple picnic theme, casual jungle theme, honeybee or any fun and simple park baby shower theme for that. The perfect theme will really help you to determine the rest of the baby shower plans such as decorations, foods and beverages, cakes, favors, games and the others. Although you choose a simple idea doesn’t mean that you will not get a special baby shower. You can get a special and fun baby shower with any simple idea on appropriate way. For a simple idea, you can have a picnic baby shower theme in the park. Choose a simple coordinating color theme that suits your baby shower theme and you can use it to determine and choose your party supplies or items. You can decorate a simple park shower with flowers decorations and balloons. Beautiful flowers are a nice idea which really versatile since it can be matched to any element on your baby shower decoration, like the background, table centerpiece, hanging and wall decoration and many others. And decorating balloons become an uplifting addition to fun and festive decoration look. It is also needed to choose the right meal, snacks and drink on your buffet. For the meal or food ideas, the option of cold salads, pizza, sandwiches, and fruits is a simple to do. Offer your guest the other snacks, like the popcorn, cookies, cake pops, lollipops and other ideas to be enjoyed. For the drinks, you can serve fresh, light and healthy drinks such as lemonade, fruit juice, iced tea and the other fresh drinks.

Simple Baby Shower Ideas at the Park boy Simple Baby Shower Ideas at the Park girl

Creative Baby Shower Ideas at the Park

If you are going to get a perfect location for your shower party, the idea of park or garden party will be a great one. Setting up a baby shower at the park is really fun since you can also enjoy the great view of natural surroundings at the area. In order to get more fun baby shower at the park, you just choose any creative idea that suits the theme that you want. There are wide selections of creative baby shower ideas at the park that also available on many different themes. Choosing park as your shower location is extremely a perfect choice that will allow you to create a lot of creativity on it. Try setting up a picnic theme in the park with creative ideas for the decorations, activities, foods and beverages, favors and the other parts of your shower. Match the decoration’s items with the theme colors, such as the balloons, streamers, confetti, lanterns, and others. Add the fresh bouquet of flowers to lifting up the beautiful and fresh look and also purposed as your party centerpiece at the same time. For a summer park baby shower theme, it will be also perfect when you add the sunglasses, sunflowers, umbrellas and the others. Raise the atmosphere of your park baby shower party with the music! Create a surround sound experience by bringing a few of portable speakers. Choose the fun or the mama’s to be favorite tracks that attract people’s attention to enjoy and even dance at the party. You can also create semi-living room at your park baby shower to get make your guest comfortable and enjoyable by using the pillows, blankets and other portable furnitures like a bar cart or even the breakfast-in-bed tray ideas. It will be creative and fun ideas for park baby shower that everyone will love and enjoy.

Creative Baby Shower Ideas at the Park fall Creative Baby Shower Ideas at the Park table

Unique Baby Shower Ideas at the Park

Getting a baby shower at the park always becomes the unique idea to celebrate the arrival of the new little baby into the world. Park or outdoor party will be a great idea for a special and unique for both baby girl or baby boy shower parties. For the example, you can get unique baby shower ideas at the park with the princess theme for the baby girl and mustache or “oh boy!” theme for the baby boy. If you are going to celebrate the arrival of the little girl, the ideas of princess baby shower theme at the park is really a beautiful then. Create a unique park baby shower by decorating unique princess decoration. Decorate your park into a royal or wonderland venue with flowers and all of the pink items on it. Place a cute princess carriage at the decoration will enhance your baby shower park decoration indeed. Match the decorations, cake designs, foods, desserts, drinks, favors, games and even the dress code with the royal princess theme perfectly. And comes to get the unique ideas for baby boy shower at the park, the mustache becomes one of popular and fun idea to try. It is actually similar to the indoor mustache baby shower that it is still need everything in a mustache theme, like the decorations, foods, favors, cakes and the others. But, because it is hosted at the park or outdoor, you will get a different feel and atmosphere for your mustache baby shower. You still need some essential things like chairs, tables, and the others. Decorate and match them with the color of mustache themes like blue, black, white or even grey. Such as your balloons, streamers, pompoms, lanterns, and the other decoration items should be also decorated into a mustache theme. You will get unique and fun baby shower at the park not only from the baby shower itself but the natural surrounding will create a unique, fresh and different atmosphere for your celebration.

Unique Baby Shower Ideas at the Park brown Unique Baby Shower Ideas at the Park rustic

Baby Shower Ideas at the Park Backyard

Fun and perfect baby shower do not always expensive, fancy or feminine. You should not spend or cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to rent a venue for your special shower since a park or backyard give you something to do. If you want to get more affordable, more casual and even more different idea then a baby shower ideas at the park backyard is a perfect choice. Park or backyard parties always become a great place for big families to come together. There are many activities to do since there is a plenty of space in a backyard. You can utilize your park or backyard as a perfect and budget-friendly venue for your baby shower. Find the ideas before you are ready to start your works. So many ideas can be picked about the backyard baby showers, starting from the decoration ideas, food and drink ideas, favor ideas, party supply ideas and even the activity or game ideas that match to the theme. Comes to decorate your backyard shower, just match or suit the decoration ideas with the theme. But, it seems not difficult to decorate. Prepare some essential things for your backyard decorations, such as the chairs and tables, speakers, and the other decoration items like balloons, flowers, streamers, confetti, pompoms, and others. And for the foods, the option of all the barbeque foods like hot dogs, chicken, hamburgers, and kabobs will be always perfect for a backyard theme. Serve the other snacks like popcorn, salads, chips and many others. Send out your backyard baby shower invitation several days at least seven days before the party date. Choose the right invitation design with the right color theme and design that represent and set the mood of your backyard shower perfectly. Make sure that your invitation is clearly and informatively stated to your guest that the party is backyard so your guest will be prepared and dressed appropriately.

Baby Shower Ideas at the Park Backyard bohemian Baby Shower Ideas at the Park Backyard boy

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