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Boy Baby Shower Cakes (With Amazing Photo )

boy baby shower cakes blue and gold

A baby shower party can be completed without the existence a baby shower cake whether is in a special or just simple design. The existence of baby shower cake will create a sweet and extra special moment to the mom to be and also the guest. And when we are talking about the baby shower cake design, it is extremely different for the baby girl and the baby boy shower party indeed. It can be different at the design or the color shade depending on the theme. For the boy baby shower cakes, you will certainly find tons of ideas that fit every different theme according to the mom to be style. The boy baby shower cake ideas can be found such as at the simple, without fondant and even one tier design. Choose the perfect one then!

boy baby shower cakes blue and gold boy baby shower cakes buttercream

Boy Baby Shower Cakes Ideas

The baby shower cake for baby boy will be commonly found in more boyish style, whether is for the design and the color theme. When the baby shower cake for baby girl looks cute and beautiful in pink, purple or red color theme, the baby shower cake for baby boy looks so cute and cool in the blue, navy, black and white, grey, green or even yellow color theme. Nowadays, it is not a hard work for finding a perfect baby shower cake for the boy. From the internet, you can search and find a hundred and even tons of ideas that really attract us to choose them. We can choose whether is in a simple or unique baby shower cake design, such as at the sheet cake, one tier, two tier or even three tier for more special design. Before we choose the design, it is really required to determine the baby shower theme. For the baby boy, the option of safari, jungle, nautical, superhero, Mickey Mouse and other boyish theme are usually selected. Then, it will be easier for you to choose or design your baby shower cake that fit the theme. As the centerpiece of your table, the option of unique baby shower cake design will really captivate the guest’s attention and also set the theme perfectly. If you do not have experience in the making of baby shower cake, just purchase it from the cake shop or ask the baker to bake and make it. But, when you are confident and have experienced before, it will be a fun activity for you to make a homemade baby shower cake for your little boy. Add a special touch to the design for making such a special and different cake design.

Boy Baby Shower Cakes Ideas cute Boy Baby Shower Cakes Ideas elephant

Boy Baby Shower Cakes Simple

Not all of “moms to be” choose the unique and crowded cake’s design for their baby boy shower party. Make a baby boy shower extra special can be supported by just a simple baby shower cake ideas. You should not always choose any expensive cake with the unique and crowded design then. The option of simple and easy made baby shower cake design is still affordable and recommendable to make your event feel special. A simple baby shower cake can be made in a sheet, one tier, two tiers or even three tiers design. It is just depending on the “mom to be” preference. The sheet or one tier cake design can be the simplest and easiest design. If you are going to choose the one tier or sheet cake design as the table centerpiece, just make it into the perfect design that fits the theme. Customize the design with the theme by adding the decoration or topper that set the theme perfectly. For the example, you can choose sheet baby boy shower cake design with baby onesie design in blue theme, sheet cake design with the baby elephant as the topper, and you just add the “Welcome Baby Boy!” or “It’s a Boy!” into the design. Another perfect baby boy shower cake design in a simple design such as the option of rustic lemon layer cake. It just designed from some layers like a tall tower structure, each layer has fresh buttercream filling in between. You can the words “It’s a Boy!” in a banner as the topper and it is quite appealing for your guest. And there are still many other ideas that fantastic in its simplicity.

Boy Baby Shower Cakes Simple buttercream Boy Baby Shower Cakes Simple cupcake

Boy Baby Shower Cakes without Fondant

There are plenty of interesting ways to decorate a baby boy shower cake ideas. Choosing the decoration item should be fit to the baby shower theme that you have decided to go with. Unique and delicious baby shower cake will give a great impression to your guest that enjoy every mouthful of your cake. Show your personality through your baby shower cake design that your guests will also remember it forever during their life. The gorgeous baby shower cake can be made with the frosting, icing or even piping fondant. But, it is not a bad idea when you choose the boy baby shower cake without fondant for a different idea since you still allow to using buttercream to replace the fondant and decorate your cake. Both of fondant and buttercream has the similar function that used as cake decoration. But, fondant is sturdier than buttercream. So you have been more careful when bringing your cake with buttercream decoration. The buttercream is usually more recommended for a simple cake since it is more sensitive and softer than fondant. But, you are still able to make your favorite baby boy shower cake in many different and unique designs with buttercream then. You can make one layer, two layers or even three layers baby shower cake with buttercream decoration on it. Another great idea is you have to try the naked cake that is very popular not only for a baby shower party but, the wedding party as well. This is such a simple and easy cake ideas that made without fondant. It just needs some cake that arranged into some layers, two layers, three layers or more and adding the white buttercream in between.

boy baby shower cakes without fondant belly cake boy baby shower cakes without fondant ombre

Boy Baby Shower Cakes One Tier

The existence of baby shower cake as the centerpiece of your table will easily capture a moment in time and especially it is made in unique and special design. A perfect baby shower cake will also capture your personality that your guest may not have realized. It is certainly required to choose a perfect baby shower cake design with a great taste since your guest has a chance to taste and enjoy it every mouthful. The option of one tier baby shower cake is one of popular choice among of many “mom to be”. It is such a perfect choice if you want to get simplicity in your cake design. But, the one tier cake design still affordable to be designed into more unique and special style. For the boy baby shower cakes, it is important to choose the right shade that fit the theme. For the example, if you are going to choose it for a jungle or safari baby shower theme, just mix and match some color shade that can bring a jungle or safari feeling to the cake design. And for the nautical theme, you can choose the combination of navy, white, red and grey into the design. Another part that will support you’re one tier baby shower cake look is the adding of topper on it. The appropriate topper is really important to emphasize your baby shower theme on it. Choose the topper that can support the theme as well. There are so many cute and unique toppers that can make your one tier look special according to the theme. Add fondant to your one tier cake design whether is in a piping, frilling, frosting or even royal icing technique for the perfect look.

Boy Baby Shower Cakes One Tier elephant Boy Baby Shower Cakes One Tier grey

boy baby shower cakes no fondant boy baby shower cakes non fondant boy baby shower cakes pictures boy baby shower cakes rustic boy baby shower cakes with shoes boy baby shower cakes without fondant

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