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Bumble Bee Baby Shower (+ 11 Photo Ideas )

bumble bee baby shower theme

The bumble bee baby shower is a perfect way to celebrate the arrival the little baby and also to honor the mom to be that will be the “Queen Bee” of the party. This bumble bee theme is a great way that perfect for boy, girl or gender neutral baby shower party. The combination of bright yellow contrasted with black, a honeycomb or striped patterns, sweet honey flavors and the other ways that bring bee theme to your party. Just make everyone on your baby shower party buzz about every adorable bee details! Here are some details that need a lot of attention to set and create the unforgettable bumble bee baby shower, like the decoration, invites, cake ideas and table decoration.

bumble bee baby shower banner bumble bee baby shower cake

Bumble Bee Baby Shower Decoration

Decoration always becomes one of the important details of every party that need a lot of attention even at the beginning of planning. The right and perfect decoration ideas will bring a lot of fun, cheerful, and also the great moment for the mom to be and also everyone at the party. Bring the bee theme to life by choosing the right decoration design. Use the combination of yellow and bright with honeycomb or pattern striped on every detail or element of the decorations. Start to decorate the entrance to give the sign where the baby shower is by placing a yard sign with bee themed. And on the sides of the entrance, you can decorate or hang balloons in black and yellow color theme. Create the bee theme in the party area with some bumble bee hanging decorations, such as the paper streamers, garlands, bumble bee lanterns, tissue poms, balloons, paper strings, or even using the baby onesie in bumble bee theme to be hung up on the wall. Placing the fresh flowers is also a great idea that can set the bumble bee theme, sunflowers or daisies will be a perfect choice then. Getting a perfect decoration design should not always with the expensive way. If you are going to get the adorable bumble bee baby shower decoration with inexpensive way, just try to choose the DIY or handmade decoration ideas. Some decorative items can be gained by DIY or handmade ways, such as the tissue poms, paper lanterns, paper garland, paper streamer, paper flowers and much more. It is a smart way not only for trimming your budget, but it will be more special since we make it by ourselves and give special touch that different from the purchased one.

Bumble Bee Baby Shower Decoration cake Bumble Bee Baby Shower Decoration ideas

Bumble Bee Baby Shower Invites

Everyone knows that a party can be completed without guests, and the baby shower party as well. In order to invite your guests, set the mood of your guests to get into the party’s mood by sending them perfect bumble bee themed invitations. Since the invitation will be sent several days before the day, planning your bumble bee invitation design at the beginning planning will be important. Start to plan how your bumble bee invitation will be designed. There are tons of unique bee-shaped baby shower invitations that fit the bumble bee theme and also the mo to be preference. It is so easy and simple way when you just purchase the custom made invitation. You don’t have to spend a lot of time to design and make the invitation by yourself. But, it is not difficult to design or make the invitation by yourself since there are a lot of free printable invitation designed that make your work easier. You just choose or download the perfect printable invitations on the websites and personalized the detail information according to the baby shower party like the date, time, address, guest of honor, RSVP information and even the dress code if necessary. You can even customize the font, color theme, image, or even add some wording or poetry on the invitation. The bumble bee baby shower invitation is mostly designed in bright yellow and black color theme with some cute little bee image on it. And for the wording, you can add “Welcome Sweet Ba-Bee!”, “Celebrating the Mom-to-Bee!”, “What will it Bee? A He or A She?”, “Buzz on Over!”, or the other according to the mom to be preference. If you have personalized and customized all the details and designs of the invitation, then you just print it in a great invitation paper and ready to send.

Bumble Bee Baby Shower Invites boy Bumble Bee Baby Shower Invites printable

Bumble Bee Baby Shower Cake Ideas

There is no party without a party cake, and the cake also needed for the bumble bee baby shower party. Enhance the sweet moment by giving the slice of the baby shower cake to the guests. The bumble bee baby shower cake looks perfect in the similar the color theme, bright yellow, white and contrasting black. You have to make sure that the cake design is able to set the theme perfectly. Getting the adorable bumble bee baby shower cake is not a hard work on these days. If you don’t have the time to make it at home, many ready-made baby shower cakes are easily found. Just talk to the bakery about creating a perfect bumble bee shaped cake depending on the mom to be style and also the theme. There is no shortage of choices to choose the cake design whether a simple or even a cake with many details. When you are looking for a simple bumble bee cake design, the option of sheet cake or one tier cake design will be enough. But, the two or three-tier bumble bee cake will really look different. For the topper, add a cute little bumble bee, a little baby in bee costume topper, or even a beehive with some cute little bee around it. Add some details into the bumble cake design with buttercreams, candies, and tiny gum paste bumblebees. It is also a great idea when you dress up some cupcakes with the toppers. Place and decorate the cupcakes around the baby shower cakes will add the details of the decoration as well. And if the baby’s name is already decided, adding or write baby’s name into the cake’s design is the brilliant idea as well. Just make it into a perfect that also increase your table decoration look and get captivate the guest attention!

Bumble Bee Baby Shower Cake Ideas cupcake Bumble Bee Baby Shower Cake Ideas themed

Bumble Bee Baby Shower Table Décor

The bumble bee baby shower party can be a simple and fun party with the bright yellow and black look in everywhere. As the sweet theme for both of baby girl or baby boy shower party, the bumble bee comes in sweet, fun and bright table decoration as well. The buffet or dessert table decoration will catch the guest’s attention easily. With the bright color theme, the dessert table, will also commonly full of yellow, white and black color theme. The bumble bee baby shower cake becomes the centerpiece of the dessert table is supported by many different foods, desserts and also beverages in the similar theme. For the tablecloth, you can choose white, yellow or even yellow and black tablecloth color. Decorate the background with paper streamers, balloons, tissue poms, paper lantern or the wallpaper. You can add the bee life look lively into the dessert table decoration by adding some flowers and even the artificial grass. And coming to decorate the guest table, you should also fit the décor with the theme by using the similar color theme. You still need white, yellow or yellow and black tablecloth for the guest table decoration. For the tableware, it will really set the tone perfectly if you also use the bee theme tableware. And as the table centerpiece, there are many ideas which can be chosen. The option of sunflower or daisies that decorated in a mason jar looks so lovely as the centerpiece. For another idea, decorate the yellow and black balloons that is combined with the tissue poms and some cute little bee paper will look cute as well.

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