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Creative Baby Shower Gift Ideas (With Photo )

Baby Shower Gift Ideas DIY

The option of baby shower gift ideas DIY is really affordable to try. It is such a brilliant idea when you are going to trim your budget. Many people prefer to make DIY gift for the baby shower that handmade with love and unique design. All you need to make any DIT baby shower gift is your creativity. There are so many fun and creative ideas about the DIY baby shower gifts that can be tried. One of popular and most preference idea is the diaper cake. Since the diaper becomes one of the most essential items for baby, it is so practical when we choose to give the mom-to-be a diaper cake. Beside of diaper cake, you can also try to make the other designs, such as diaper bouquet and diaper wreath design that both of them look unique as well. Decorate it in cute pink color scheme for baby girl, cool blue for baby boy, or even green and yellow for neutral gender.Baby Shower Gift Ideas DIY Another quick and easy baby shower gifts is baby wash clothes or baby towel cupcakes. It is super easy and quick to make this baby shower gifts. You just prepare the baby wash clothes or baby towels that will be designed into cupcake, place it into a cupcake paper or glass, organize it in a box and tie the box with cute ribbon. That must be cute! The other super easy and practical DIY baby shower gift is a pair of baby mittens. It is not only keeps the baby hands warm, but it also prevents their hands when they often touch their face. You can make several pair of baby mitten from any colorful and cute fabric and place it into a box with decoration for more special touch. There are still many ideas of DIY baby shower gifts that can be tried, such as DIY burp rags, knit baby hat, knit baby blanket, etc.

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