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Elephant Baby Shower Cake Ideas for Cute Baby Shower Theme

Elephant Baby Shower Cake Topper pink

It is a perfect choice if you choose an elephant baby shower theme to celebrate and welcome the arrival of a new baby in your family. An elephant theme is also one of popular animal themes that the mom-to-be and dad-to-be choose for their baby shower parties. Just imagine how cute the baby elephant with huge ears and long trunks! That looks so cute and will be perfect for such a cute and fun baby shower theme. The elephant baby shower theme is kind of neutral theme which can use for either baby boy or baby girl shower party. Having an elephant baby shower party will not be completed without the elephant baby shower cake.elephant baby shower cake This elephant cake is really important as a focal point of your baby shower party and also your table decoration. You have to choose the perfect elephant cake for your baby shower then. The elephant cake ideas for a baby shower party comes in many different designs, including of the elephant baby shower cake girl, elephant baby shower cake boy, elephant baby shower cake topper, and even elephant baby shower cake with cupcakes design. Let’s check them out below!elephant baby shower cake ideas

Elephant Baby Shower Cake Girl

Do you have picked and elephant baby shower theme to celebrate the arrival of your baby girl? Then you have to choose the right elephant baby shower cake for a girl too. When comes to planning an elephant baby shower for the baby girl, the option of bright, subtle, cute and feminine ideas will be always required. There are a lot of cheery, fun and modern elephant themes which can be also tried. The option of a pink color scheme is a brilliant idea to celebrate your baby girl elephant baby shower. And in order to create more adorable and more fashionable design, you can incorporate that pink color scheme with chevron and stripe into the mix. Elephant Baby Shower Cake GirlIt will be certainly needed for your elephant cake design. Choosing an elephant baby shower cake is similar to choosing the other baby shower cake theme that can be one, two to three layers cake with a very simple design. It is according to your own style and preference to decide how many layers will be chosen. If you are going to get very simple elephant cake design, you just choose one or single layer cake design. But, you should not be worried since you can make this single layer cake becomes adorable, cute and even stylish like your desire. A simple and single layer elephant cake will look adorable when it is great decorated. You can choose a fondant icing cake in a pink color scheme that mixed with polka dot patterns. For more adorable look, you can decorate it with ruffle technique, tiara, tutu, or even ribbon in the similar color scheme or use the other color, such as gray, white or beige color. Add cute and beautiful baby elephant as the toppers for finishing touch. It is not difficult to make this cute elephant baby shower at home. But if you don’t have enough time to make it, just be sure to order it two or more weeks before the party.Elephant Baby Shower Cake Girl pink

Elephant Baby Shower Cake Boy

If the baby girl elephant baby shower party is commonly required pink as the color scheme of the cake design, then the elephant baby shower cake boy will be mostly used the cooler color scheme such as the combination of blue and gray color. It can be the cutest cake you have ever seen if you get a perfect elephant baby shower cake for your baby boy. Planning a cute and adorable elephant cake design that fit your party theme. Order the cutest elephant cake from the great bakery in your local area or even order it through the websites for easier work. There are tons of cute elephant cake design that fit your style and also your baby shower theme. But, a lot of mom-to-be want to give the extra special cake for her future baby boy by making the elephant cake at home. It can be similar to the baby girl elephant cake that is not difficult to make a cute and adorable cake. Best Elephant Baby Shower Cake boyYou can also make an elephant cake from one layer, two layers or even three layers. Choose the right color scheme which can perfectly represent the baby boy, such as the combination of blue and gray, blue and brown, or even blue, gray and white color scheme. Mix and match those color schemes with great patterns, like polka dots, stripes or chevron. Choose any cute baby elephant figurine or sugar figure of the elephant in blue, brown or gray color for the topper. Try to add a baby elephant that holding a present or balloons as the topper and impress your guest attention. A perfect elephant baby shower cake is always required that useful to support the decoration or even become the focal point of the dessert table. Therefore, just match and fit your elephant cake design with the whole of your decoration will be certainly needed.Elephant Baby Shower Cake boy

Elephant Baby Shower Cake Topper

Choosing the right cake topper is important to embellish your baby shower cake design. It is also required for your elephant baby shower cake. In order to get the similar decoration or support the whole decorations, adding the right topper is needed. If you get hard to get a perfect topper for the other baby shower cake, but it can be different for the elephant baby shower cake. Tons of cute and adorable elephant baby shower cake toppers can be found and purchased easily on any bakery shops in your local area or even on the online shops. For every mom-to-be who has always loved the elephant, it will be confusing to choose one of the perfect toppers since all of the toppers look cute and adorable. Elephant Baby Shower Cake TopperThen, the most important thing is choosing the elephant baby topper according to your cake design and also the gender of your future baby. For the baby girl elephant baby shower, you can choose any cute baby elephant with the ribbon on its head or pink elephant figurine that is so adorable to be placed on the top of your elephant cake. And for your baby boy elephant cake, you can choose any elephant figurine who holding a present or balloons. Those elephant toppers are also cute indeed. Or even if you are going to have twins baby, you can place two elephant toppers on your cake whether is for twin baby boys, twin baby girls or even twin baby boy and baby girl.Elephant Baby Shower Cake Topper pink

Elephant Baby Shower Cake with Cupcakes

Choosing or combining the elephant baby shower with cupcakes is really a brilliant idea. It cannot only as an adorable elephant baby shower cake, but it is also such a unique baby shower cake indeed. If you want to get more different elephant cake design with a simple single layer or simple two layers, the adding some cupcakes will be a great alternative then. And when you get confused to place or decorate your cupcakes into your dessert table decoration, combine it with your elephant baby shower is absolutely perfect. Just arrange and decorate some cupcakes around your elephant baby shower cake that looks great. Pink Elephant Baby Shower Cake with CupcakesYou can make your cupcakes in the similar color scheme, like pink for the baby girl elephant cake and blue for the baby boy elephant cake or just choosing the other color ideas for the different look. There are some elephant cupcakes designs which can be combined with your baby shower cake. If you are looking for a simple cupcakes design, just make cupcakes and add the cute little baby elephant on it. Another great idea is adding the buttercream on the top of your cupcake and adding the cute elephant for the topper. And for a unique cupcakes design, you can add the elephant sign on the top of your cupcakes and don’t forget to write “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a Girl!” behind of elephant picture.Elephant Baby Shower Cake with Cupcakes

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