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Giraffe Baby Shower Theme as A Popular Baby Shower Theme

Giraffe Baby Shower Theme Boys table

Having a baby is a milestone that always brings a happiness and also special moment for every mom-to-be and dad-to-be. When your best friend, relative, or even yourself is expecting the arrival of a little baby, shower her special day with unique and popular baby shower theme will be a great idea. And choosing the giraffe baby shower theme is a brilliant choice since it is very popular and versatile that can be used for the gender neutral. The natural brown shades of giraffe are really neutral to be played with the feminine or boyish color shade. So, in this article, let’s we find the great ideas about the giraffe baby shower theme girls, giraffe baby shower theme boys, giraffe baby shower theme purple, and also giraffe baby shower theme cake that will be helpful.

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Giraffe Baby Shower Theme Girls

A little baby girl is on her way! Why don’t we celebrate her upcoming arrival with a baby shower? A baby girl shower party is commonly hosted by more feminine theme like the princess, ballerina, or spa baby shower theme. But, there are actually many unique themes that match the baby girl shower like the idea of giraffe baby shower theme. This giraffe is a perfect theme when you are looking for safari theme that fit the baby girl. Although it is a kind of animal theme, you can get the best and cutest baby shower in your life. Hosting a beautiful giraffe baby shower theme is not difficult. You have to creative to mix and match all of your party supplies. Choose the right color palette that looks perfect to be applied on all of the things according to the theme. And the combination of soft pink and gold palette becomes really elegant and beautiful way. Use this color combination into your invitation designs, decoration, menu, and also a favor for getting the mood. Many pink giraffe baby shower invitation templates that can be found on many sites. It will certainly help you to choose the best one. Giraffe baby shower in pink and gold color palette is easy to decorate. There are so many decoration supplies on the market that available on this pink giraffe theme can be purchased, such as balloons, paper garlands, banner, pompoms, napkins, tableware and even the centerpiece in different designs. Serve the delicious treats for your guest and decorate them as the complement of the whole theme. Place the giraffe baby shower cake in the center of the table as the centerpiece, and support it with the other desserts or snacks. For the dessert, you can serve frosted and yummy giraffe cupcakes, giraffe-shaped cookies, giraffe cake pops, candies, popcorns, and the other giraffe themed desserts. And for the drinks, you can serve the fruit punch and fruit juices to complement your desserts.

Giraffe Baby Shower Theme Girls centerpieces Giraffe Baby Shower Theme Girls invitations

Giraffe Baby Shower Theme Boys

The giraffe baby shower theme is a neutral gender that perfect for both baby girl and baby boy. And if you are going to host a baby boy shower party, then you have to try this popular giraffe theme. The giraffe baby shower theme boys are a fun and whimsical way to welcome the new baby boy. Start to make a great impression on your guest by sending your cute giraffe invitation theme. Send your invitation several days before the shower date at least one month. In order to get more special invitation design, you just design and make it by yourself. Find so many cute giraffe invitation templates and personalized according to the shower and also mom-to-be personality. Captivate your guest impression at second with the stunning giraffe decorations. You can either feature the actual giraffe toys or giraffe print to set the mood perfectly. You can purchase many different decoration supplies for easier work. For the first decorations ideas, choose the right color palette. The color combination of blue, brown, yellow and orange may be a perfect choice. Combine those color palettes with the giraffe pattern and also giraffe toys to create the mood. For the background, the ideas of giraffe poster or giraffe banner will be great. Add the festive mood, by decorating the balloons, streamers, garlands, pompoms, lanterns, and even the giraffe toys or dolls. There are many different dishes you can serve at your giraffe baby boy shower. Just correlate the dishes with the theme. You can serve the cheddar cheese pizza, bacon, or even sandwiches as the main dishes. For the dessert, you can serve pudding, cupcakes, cake pops, and the other sweet desserts. And do not forget to decorate your dishes that match the theme. Give the last impression for your guest by giving the baby shower favor. The ideas of homemade giraffe cookies, giraffe scented candle or the giraffe keychain will be great for your giraffe baby shower favor.

Giraffe Baby Shower Theme Boys diaper cake Giraffe Baby Shower Theme Boys table

Giraffe Baby Shower Theme Purple

The ideas of giraffe baby shower theme purple are another beautiful way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of the little girl into the world. The purple color palette is a perfect choice besides of pink that can turn your shower into beautiful, elegant and also classy style. And it will be certainly awesome when it is combined with the giraffe theme. For captivating the first impression of your guest, just send a cute purple giraffe baby shower invitation several days before the shower date. A lot of giraffe baby shower invitation designs look so cute and adorable with a purple color palette. Design your giraffe invitation as perfect as possible. Create a fascinating design by combining the giraffe and the other animal skin pattern like a cheetah, adding the chevron or stripe pattern, and even adding the cute little giraffe with ribbon image into your invitation design. Most of giraffe purple decorations look so enchanting. The combination of giraffe print is perfectly worked with the purple color palette. Decorate your shower room with all of purple and giraffe print theme, such as the balloons, pompoms, streamers, garlands, banner, posters, tags, stickers and the other decoration supplies. In order to create more feminine and cute decoration look, the adding of purple tutu will be so awesome. Cover your table with the giraffe print tablecloth, use the giraffe print in purple color tableware, and place a cute giraffe doll on the table will really set the theme. And create the statement into your table by placing stunning giraffe baby shower cake in the purple color palette. Choose the perfect cake design according to the theme and also the mom-to-be preference. Give the last keepsake for your guest home any cute giraffe baby shower favor. Try to make the homemade giraffe cookies or the giraffe cupcake and it can be a special favor for your guest.

Giraffe Baby Shower Theme Purple cake Giraffe Baby Shower Theme Purple cookies

Giraffe Baby Shower Theme Cake

Cakes are one of those sweet delights for many celebrations and especially the baby shower. The addition of cakes makes a baby shower extra special. It is not only purposed as a sweet treat for everyone on the shower, but great cake design will be also the centerpiece of your baby shower decoration. And if you are going to throw a giraffe themed baby shower, you will certainly need the giraffe baby shower theme cake that matches to the mom-to-be style as well. Finding the giraffe themed cake ideas for a baby shower is actually not difficult. There are so many ideas are available on the internet and even have completed the picture, diagram and also the easy step-by-step instructions for any DIY cake idea. The idea of DIY cake will be more special since you can make your cake into a perfect one as possible as you can. You can test the recipes by following the instructions to make the cake. But, if you don’t have some baking skills on making baby shower cake, you just purchase or order from your local bakeshop. Choose the giraffe baby shower cake design that is perfectly matched to the theme and mom-to-be style and you can choose the flavor of the cake. And before you think about the cake decoration, you have to consider your guest list. Just think about how many people you need to serve. Choose the giraffe sheet cake design for a few guests and tier cake design for more guests. The giraffe themed baby shower cake comes in cute and adorable decoration. Choose the right color palette which similar to the theme for setting the mood. Add the pattern to the cake decoration like the giraffe pattern, cheetah pattern, zebra pattern, chevron pattern, stripes pattern or even combine more than two patterns for more stunning decoration. Add greeting or message into the cake decoration will make it look more special. You can add any greeting according to your preference, like “Congratulations Mama”, “Welcome Baby!”, “Baby boy!”, “Baby Girl”, and the other greetings. Don’t be missed to place the cute giraffe cake topper to set the theme perfectly.

Giraffe Baby Shower Theme Cake jungle theme Giraffe Baby Shower Theme Cake yellow

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