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Jungle Theme Baby Shower for Fun and Wild Baby Shower

jungle theme baby shower decorations ideas

Baby boy is on the way! Looking for a perfect boy themed baby shower? Picking the jungle theme baby shower is a great to celebrate the arrival of your little boy in a fun and unique way. There are huge selections of baby boy shower themes that available and the jungle theme becomes one of the most popular themes that also affordable to be tried. Here are some tips that may match to your jungle theme baby shower like the jungle theme baby shower ideas, jungle theme decorations, tropical jungle theme ideas, unique jungle theme ideas, jungle cake ideas, favor ideas, cupcakes and even the food ideas that will be served on your event. Let’s check them below!

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Jungle Theme Baby Shower Ideas

It is such a perfect choice when you choose the jungle theme as your baby boy shower theme. The ideas of jungle theme baby shower always give you a great chance to utilize your creativity and imagination to throw the best baby boy shower ever. Give your guest such a “wildly” fun time to celebrate and enjoy your baby shower party with the fun jungle theme. You can create the best baby shower with this jungle-themed that your guest will always remember. There are a variety of ideas can be picked for this special baby shower themes. It is required for you to find tips, ideas, and inspirations that focus on the jungle themed as much as possible. Set a great planning before you do your work, like figure out the date, time, venue, guest list. Beside of those planning, you should also plan your budget about how much you will spend your budget to create a fun and also special jungle theme baby shower. If you have already fixed about them, you can start to plan everything that needed on your event like the decorations, baby shower cakes, foods and beverages ideas, favors, invitation design and the other supplies needed. Match everything with the theme and also the mom to be personality and preference for a perfect result. With a huge selection of jungle theme ideas and tips, you can pick the match ideas. For the example, all animal idea can be picked if you are going to use various animals theme as part of your baby shower whether is on the decorations, foods, favors, invitation and etc. On the other hand, choosing jungle theme with one animal idea is also a great choice. Create the jungle-like atmosphere to bring your guest and also the mom to be a fun and wild jungle baby shower that always remembered.

jungle theme baby shower centerpiece ideas jungle theme baby shower decorations ideas

Jungle Theme Baby Shower Decoration

Fun and unique baby shower themed will easily attract people attention to attend to that event. And choosing the jungle baby shower theme is such a brilliant ideas since it always comes in a fun way to throw a baby shower. Talking the jungle baby shower party can be separated from the unique decoration ideas that come in a huge selection. The decoration becomes one of the main parts of baby shower that can perfectly set the theme and also catch people’s first impression. The jungle themed baby shower is usually set up in the cheerful and also bright color themes like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, brown and etc. Sticking with the color theme is needed to set the perfect scene. And in order to decorate your jungle baby shower, you still need some decorative kits and supplies, like the balloons, paper streamers, paper lanterns, banners, garlands, and other kits. But, the jungle-themed looks unique that need the plants, flowers, and even leaves to set the jungle scene into your baby shower. If you are going create the real or wild jungle atmosphere, you can place the real plants, flower, or even branches as your decorative items. On the other hand, the option of artificial or fake plants, branches, flowers are also easily found if you don’t use the real one. Another important decorative item that can be missed into your jungle decoration is placing a bunch of animal toys. Place the animal toys like the Simba, giraffe, elephant, zebra and others into your table decoration, background, wall decoration or even the hanging decoration ideas. Make sure that your animal toys match to your jungle theme and also the color theme for the best decoration look. Finish your decorations by adding the centerpiece. Many ideas of centerpieces can be picked like a nice bonsai plant with or without a cute animal toys, fruits, bouquet of flower, diaper cake or even the candy bouquet to complete the jungle look.

jungle theme baby shower decorations diy jungle theme baby shower table decorations

Tropical Jungle Theme Baby Shower

Looking for a fun theme for the baby boy shower party? The tropical jungle theme baby shower can be a fun idea. That’s a brilliant idea when you plan to host a fun tropical jungle theme to celebrate the arrival of the little baby boy as the new family member. With the fun, colorful, wild and also unique jungle theme, you could also catch the first impression of your guest at ease. It is not difficult for you to create the best tropical jungle theme baby shower ever. Just coordinate to the mom to be to get the right ideas that match and fit to her personality or style. Some important aspects on the jungle themed that need much considerations such as the decoration ideas, foods and beverages, favor, invitation design and other supplies. Get a lot of ideas that related to the theme perfectly. Comes to choose the decoration ideas, it will be important for you to create or bring the tropical jungle atmosphere into the decoration scene. And you will certainly need some decorative items to create that scene like, placing some plants, tree, branches, flowers, and even animal toys. You also still need the other items like balloons, streamers, lanterns, banners, garland and etc to make your event more festive. Match the items with the color theme to set the scene perfectly. And come to choose the foods ideas, so many jungle themed baby shower foods are also can picked, like sandwiches, fruit skewers, cookies, candies, hot dogs, salad and many others. Just decorate those foods with the jungle decoration theme as well. Don’t forget to place the tropical jungle baby shower cake as the centerpiece of your buffets. You can choose any cake design that match to the theme whether you purchase the ready-made baby shower cake or even choose the homemade one.

Tropical Jungle Theme Baby Shower centerpieces Tropical Jungle Theme Baby Shower invitations

Jungle Theme Baby Shower Unique

Welcome to the jungle! Welcome your little baby boy with wonderful and also unique jungle theme baby shower. In order to host unique jungle baby shower, you will certainly need to start by setting the scene of the jungle theme appropriately. Get the unique and fun ideas into your baby shower planning to let your creativity and your imagination work. You can create a jungle-like atmosphere by using some bright, colorful and also exotic color theme, like orange, yellow, red, brown, and green. Those colors can be the perfect choice to bring the mom to be and the guests into unique and wild celebration. Create the unique decoration look by adding plants whether is real or fake plant ideas to be decorated. For the example, you can place hanging green leaf on the ceiling, walls or even as the background of your baby shower. Add the real tree or branch is also a commonly used to get a real and unique jungle atmosphere. Place some animal toys or the animal shaped mylar balloons on every great spot like the entrance way, hanging decoration like ceiling and chandeliers, the centerpiece topper and other. Another thing that can help you to enhance your jungle baby shower look unique is adding the banner, cards, labels, signs and also tags in animal design into every part of your decorations, foods, and favors., Add the unique atmosphere into your jungle theme baby shower by playing jungle sound or nature sounds with the animal noises as the music background of your party to create a full jungle mood. And the last but not least is adding the dress code to your invitation. It will be certainly unique and cute when everyone on your baby shower wears the jungle themed outfits.

Jungle Theme Baby Shower Unique boy Jungle Theme Baby Shower Unique diy

Jungle Theme Baby Shower Cake

As the centerpiece of every party, adding a cake is always needed on the center of your buffet or table decoration. It is also required for the jungle theme baby shower party indeed. There is no baby shower without a baby shower cake! There are so many gorgeous and delicious cake ideas that available in the jungle themed. Search some cake ideas and inspirations before you decide to purchase or made the best one. And it will be important to think about the mom to be favorite design, colors and also flavors of the perfect choice. According to the theme, selecting the jungle theme baby shower cake is also commonly preferred in the fun, wild, and also bright design. The perfect jungle theme cake should not always get from the expensive idea, even with a simple and inexpensive recipe can be turned into a gorgeous and delicious jungle themed baby shower cake. Decide the cake shape that you want whether is sheet cake design, a small round design, two-tiered cake or even a center cakes with cupcakes around the side. If you are going to get such an easy and simple way, the option of purchased jungle themed cake is a great choice. Most people also want to make any homemade idea to give the more special idea into the cake and it is also a brilliant idea. But, if you don’t have the experience before, the purchased cake may be the best choice. You can choose the icing or frosting cake design to create your jungle baby shower cake. Don’t be missed to add the feature detailed of jungle theme, like the animal figures, Simba, giraffe, monkey, zebras, elephant and also plants or fruits to set the jungle-like atmosphere perfectly. And if you are going to combine your cake with the cupcakes, it is also important to match the cupcakes design with the main cake design and decorations.

jungle theme baby shower cake ideas jungle theme baby shower cake pops

Jungle Theme Baby Shower Favor

Send your guest home with the smile by giving them the baby shower favor. The option of baby shower favor is another important part of your jungle baby shower party which can be missed. Since a jungle theme baby shower is all of your guests will love, giving the baby shower favor in the jungle theme will also make your guest always remember to your event. And you can actually choose the same favor ideas or type from the other baby shower theme for your jungle theme. But, it will be different on the designs, decorations and also the colors that need to focus on the jungle theme. Give your guests a sweet memoir to take home with cute and even unique jungle theme favor. You can pick many different kinds of favors as you wish although most of the baby shower use one kind of favor, it will incredibly fun to vary. For the sweet and delicious jungle themed favor, you can choose the cute animal shaped cookies, animal lollipops, candies, cupcakes and the other snacks with the animal theme. Make those sweet and delicious favors into the more special design by the homemade idea. The idea of homemade jungle theme favor will allow you to use your creativity and imagination to make the more different favor then the common idea. There are also various kinds of jungle themed baby shower favor which can be picked like the jungle animal keychain, scented candle in animal design, soap animal designed or printed, picture frame favor and so many others. Put or wrap the favor with the mason jars or jungle inspired party bag for the more attractive look. Arrange and decorated your jungle themed favor into your table in a creative decoration is also needed to support and enhance your table decoration look as well.

Jungle Theme Baby Shower Favor cookies Jungle Theme Baby Shower Favor party

Jungle Theme Baby Shower Cupcakes

Throwing a fun jungle theme baby shower can be certainly separated from the sweet and delicious treat. Serve the nice treats which match the theme are really important and you should not also miss the adding of the cupcakes at your jungle baby shower theme. That is such a perfect idea when you include cupcakes into your baby shower menu, whether it is used as the baby shower cake combination or just place it separately on your table or buffet menu. The option of jungle themed baby shower cake and cupcakes becomes a popular cake motif for any celebration like the kid’s party and also baby shower as well. There are certainly huge selections of cupcakes designs that can be combined or decorated with your jungle theme baby shower cake. For the example, you can choose some cupcakes that entirely covered with fondant and some animal character image as the topper to place the surround of your “The Lion King” baby shower cake theme. Use the appropriate and bright color theme to set the scene for your baby shower cake perfectly. Choosing the number of cupcakes can be decided on the amount of the people that attend on your baby shower. Give the chance for everyone on your event to taste the sweet and also yummy cupcakes will be a nice idea. But, it just depends on the mom to be preference and also your budget indeed. It is also not a bad choice when you choose some cupcakes on your jungle themed baby shower. Since it is needed to make or decorated the cupcakes to match the themed, you can purchase or order it at the same place of your baby shower cake. And if you want to get more affordable and also special design, you can try to make any homemade jungle theme cupcakes.

jungle theme baby shower cake and cupcakes Jungle Theme Baby Shower Cupcakes boy

Jungle Theme Baby Shower Food Ideas

There is no party without foods and drinks. And are you plan to host a baby shower party? Do not forget to serve the delicious foods to your guest! It is always important to serve and prepare foods for any celebrations like your jungle theme baby shower. It is actually the similar kinds of the other baby shower foods ideas with the jungle themed. But, it looks different on the decorations. You still allow serving sandwiches, hot dog, pizza, fruit and vegetable salad, candies, chocolate, lollipops, and many other. You just choose the proper menu and also right tableware that can set the scene of jungle themed perfectly. For the snacks, you can serve your guest with some snacks in jungle moods, like the animal crackers, cashews, peanuts, jelly beans, banana chips and others. Get your snacks into the similar color scene to create the match theme color as well. You can also get the unique naming for each of your menus. Many people also glad to add the healthy menu by using fruit or vegetable and it is also a great idea. Come to choose the main dishes, some jungle themed food can be also picked like sandwiches with animal decoration, Madagascar macaroons, spaghetti and the other. It will be also important to offer or serve drinks for your guest. Some cool and refreshing drinks that appropriate to the jungle-themed like the jungle juice or jungle punch which made from the fruits. In order to get your guest attention, you can arrange and decorate your food ideas into the unique jungle decoration or the animal decoration. Just make sure that it will set the scene perfectly and also served in a great taste.

Jungle Theme Baby Shower Food Ideas animal Jungle Theme Baby Shower Food Ideas dessert

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