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Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Decorations ( +15 Decoration Ideas )

Unique Vintage Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Decorations

There are so many themes that we can choose from for the baby showers, but not all of the themes would be appropriate for the style of mom-to-be. One of the cutest baby shower themes is Mickey Mouse baby shower theme. This theme is very suitable for the mom-to-be who wants to throw her baby shower with cute little animals with bottles or rattles. As one of the most popular Disney’s characters, people all of the ages really love and familiar with the Mickey Mouse character. If you are going throw your baby shower with this theme, you just have to ready to plan everything needed for that, including of the decorations. The decorations are really the important thing anyone thinks about when they are planning a baby shower. Mickey Mouse Baby Shower DecorationsThe colorful and cheerful Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Decorations will welcome your guest warmly. There are so many ways to decorate your baby shower party into perfect Mickey Mouse decoration like using the Mickey Mouse decorations from Party City, adapting the Mickey Mouse decorations for the boy, using the DIY Mickey Mouse decorations or even choosing the vintage Mickey Mouse decoration.

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Decorations Party City

Since the decorations play an important role for every party, getting a great planning is also important then. Throwing a baby shower with Mickey Mouse theme is such a perfect choice. It is not only because of the cute and cheerful theme, but it also seems not difficult for us to decorate it. On these days people are not going to get busy and worry to decorate their party. They just go to the store or even just click the websites who offer all of the decorations kits for their party, such as when you are going to decorate your Mickey Mouse baby shower party.Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Decorations Party City There is an easy way to find all of the decorations supplies of your Mickey Mouse theme on the websites. And the Party City becomes one of the greatest websites that offer tons of decorations kits for the party with so many different themes. You just don’t too worry to get the perfect decorations for your Mickey Mouse baby shower, just click this Party City website and choose everything that you need not only for the decorations supplies also including the tableware, invitations, favors, game activities, cake and cupcakes, costumes and accessories, and even the baby shower gift. For the decorations kits, you will find so many options, such as the Mickey Mouse balloon kits in foil, latex or even plastic balloons in many different sizes and cute shapes. You just choose the balloons in Mickey Mouse character shape, solid color balloons or even both of them ideas. In order to make your Mickey Mouse decoration more fun and more festive, there are also other decoration kits that available on the Party City, such as the Mickey Mouse confetti, Mickey Mouse letter banner, Mickey Mouse swirl decoration, paper garland, paper streamer, Mickey Mouse honeycomb balls and many others.Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Decorations Party City Pink

Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Decorations for Boy

The Mickey Mouse always becomes cute and adorable theme for a baby shower party. As one of a joyous moment in life, celebrate the upcoming birth of the baby boy with the best Mickey Mouse decorations is a perfect choice. Decorate your baby shower room with the colorful Mickey’s character, red, black and yellow in fun design. It is not difficult to get the baby shower party kits in Mickey Mouse theme on these days, such as buy or just order them through the websites. But, it is also commonly preferred to get the homemade or DIY baby shower kits to trim the budget or to add the special touch to the decoration incorporated into the mom’s style. Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Decorations for BoyYou can start to decorate the entryway of your party area with the bouquets of balloons and the Mickey Mouse balloons shape. And in order to decorate the table, you can use the backdrop with Mickey Mouse picture. Use a tablecloth in a red, white, yellow or another color which can support the theme. As the table centerpiece, the option of Mickey Mouse diaper cake will enhance your table decoration. In order to make your party area look more fun, you can hang any decoration elements in Mickey Mouse theme, like the honeycomb ball in Mickey Mouse head, paper garland, paper streamer in red, yellow, and black color, or even hanging Mickey’s baby onesie in clothesline with pins. It is also a great way when you add colorful flowers that decorated into a Minnie Mouse look. Just decorate your Mickey Mouse baby shower theme as fun and adorable as the mom’s style is really important then.Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Decorations for Boy wall

DIY Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Decorations

We should not always have to buy for getting a perfect decoration for our party, and for the baby shower as well. It is such a brilliant idea when we can trim and save our budget to make a fun, adorable and also cute baby shower party like our desire. Deciding to get the DIY Mickey Mouse baby shower decorations is extremely helpful to save our money on the decoration budget. Many people prefer to make their decorations kits by themselves and even reuse a lot of their items for adding the extra or special touch to the decoration as well. There are so many ideas which can be adapted to make your Mickey Mouse baby shower decoration look perfect. DIY Mickey Mouse Baby Shower DecorationsHere are some ideas of DIY decorations for the Mickey Mouse baby shower themed that may fit the mom’s style and preference. Come to decorate the backdrop of your table, you can use a cloth or curtain scarf in plain color such as a white, red, yellow or even black color like the Mickey Mouse character look. Then you can decorate it with the cute Mickey Mouse paper shaped. You just simply make Mickey’s head in a paper, then cut it and glue or stick it to the cloth. It will look more fun when you glue more than one Mickey’s head on that cloth. For the hanging decorations, you can make some tissue poms and hung them from the lights. Another great idea for the DIY decoration is adding the letter banner. To make a cute and adorable letter banner, you just cut the paper in Mickey’s head or baby onesie shaped and glue the printed letter. You can make “Oh Boy!”, “It’s a Boy!” or the others. For the centerpiece of the DIY Mickey Mouse decoration, the adding of DIY baby shower cake is also not a difficult to make. All you need are just some baby diapers, rubber band, ribbon and the Mickey Mouse printed paper as the topper.DIY Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Decorations blue

Vintage Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Decorations

It is really an exciting when a baby boy is on the way and it’s time for the celebration for the bundle of joy. If you are looking for a classic theme with timeless decoration, the option of vintage Mickey Mouse baby shower theme will be appropriated to your wish. Choosing the perfect theme is absolutely important to decide and set everything smoothly. As the classic character of Disney, Mickey Mouse will be a perfect that focus for a vintage theme. So many ideas come to make your vintage Mickey’s baby shower as one of joyous and memorable baby shower ever. The colorful Mickey theme will always make your baby shower party room look classic and cheerful. Vintage Mickey Mouse Baby Shower DecorationsUse the red, black and yellow color like Mickey’s character to decorate your room. Apply these colors in every part of the decorations and supplies as well. Or you can combine it with the rustic or wood theme to enhance a vintage and classic look of your Mickey Mouse baby shower decorations. You still need some common party decoration kits, such as balloons, paper streamer, baby onesie for the clothesline, banner, backdrop, lantern and other party kits that needed. Just choose them in the right design which can represent the sense of vintage theme perfectly. Match all of those decoration party kits or supplies with the tablecloths, plates, cups, and napkins for a festive look!Unique Vintage Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Decorations

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