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Nautical Baby Shower Cakes Ideas ( + Photos )

Nautical Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

Ahoy! Get ready to celebrate “Baby on board” with nautical baby shower theme. A nautical baby shower theme is always a brilliant idea for any sea-loving mom-to-be and even adorable to be used whether for the baby boy or baby girl shower party. With the serene shades of navy or blue and red, then combine them stripes pattern can set the fresh scene as the sea breeze. There are certainly so many items that required for a nautical baby shower theme. In order to bring your baby shower like a seaside, get anchor accents, personalized banners, favors and table decorations in the same color scheme as the invitation will be most needed. Nautical Baby Shower CakesAnd as the focal point of your dessert table decoration, don’t forget to add the baby shower cake in a nautical theme. Many different ideas and designs of Nautical Baby Shower Cakes are easily found. It is so important for you to choose a perfect baby shower cake design which can set the theme perfectly and fit the decoration, favors, food and even the invitation design as well. If you are looking for the information about the nautical baby shower cake, here are some information that may help you for choosing the nautical baby shower cakes for girls, nautical baby shower cakes for the boy, nautical themed baby shower cakes, and even the nautical baby shower diaper cakes.

Nautical Baby Shower Cakes for Girls

What kind of baby shower party without a baby shower cake? Since a baby shower cake is always important on this celebration, planning or choosing the cake design is really important at the beginning of planning. If you or the mom-to-be is a sea lover, the nautical theme will be an awesome theme to celebrate your special celebration although you are expecting a baby girl. There are actually so many ideas of nautical baby shower theme which recommended for a baby girl. You should not get too worried about that. And comes to choosing the cake design that fit and suitable for your nautical baby girl shower is also not difficult. Nautical Baby Shower Cakes for GirlsA nautical baby shower cake is commonly designed in more boyish look with anchor, sailboat, blue or navy color scheme and etc. But, there is no limitation to design your baby shower cake indeed. Use your idea and creativity to make such a cute and beautiful nautical baby shower cake for your little girl. You can transform this cake design into more feminine look by using more feminine color scheme. Combine the navy or blue with pink or red is absolutely adorable. The combination of pink or red color with stripes or chevron navy blue pattern is really fit for a baby girl shower theme. As the topper, you can still use an anchor, sailboat, or sea creatures like a nautical baby shower cake for the boy. The embellishment of cute ribbon in a pink or red color is also pretty to be embellished on your nautical baby shower cake. Don’t forget to write “It’s a Baby Girl” or “Welcome a Baby Girl” into your cake design as well.Nautical Baby Shower Cakes for Girls pink

Nautical Baby Shower Cakes for Boy

Celebrate a seaside baby shower and get your crew abroad with nautical baby shower theme seems fun and exciting to be tried. A nautical baby shower theme is a perfect theme for a gender neutral baby, especially baby boy. Fun and cool nautical baby shower decoration, whether is for the table decoration, guest table decoration, entry way or the other part of the baby shower areas always easy to captivate people attention. And when we are talking about the table decoration, the existence of baby shower cake will be common as the focal point on its decoration. Adorable nautical baby shower cake for the boy can be found in many different ideas and designs as well. You can choose whether is in two tiers, three tiers or even a sheet cake design for a simple option. Nautical Baby Shower Cakes for BoyFor a baby boy, the shade of navy, blue, and yellow is usually found for a nautical baby shower cake. Use those colors and combine with the chevron or stripes pattern to enhance the nautical and sail feeling that set the theme perfectly. And for the baby shower cake topper, the adding of an anchor, sail boat, cute sailor or cute whale in navy blue color will be adorable. Many people also interest to write their baby boy’s name into their baby shower cake. If you already decide your baby boy’s name, writing or adding his name into the baby shower cake design becomes a great idea. But, when you still don’t find the great name for your baby boy just write “It’s a boy!” or “Welcome Baby Boy!”. Getting an adorable nautical baby shower cake for a boy is easy on nowadays. Just purchase it from your local bakery or ask the baker to bake and make the nautical baby shower cake according to your preference.Nautical Baby Shower Cakes for Boy red

Nautical Themed Baby Shower Cakes

Throwing a baby shower with the unique theme is always exciting to do. And nautical themed baby shower can be one of unique and fun theme that will transform your baby shower into one of unforgettable celebration in your life. Beside of the decoration, favor, foods, and invitations, adorable nautical themed baby shower cake can be the highlight of your baby shower party. Therefore, choosing the right and perfect baby shower cake that fit your nautical theme is always required. In order to set the scene of the fresh seaside into your cake design, then it is important to choose the right color scheme and the cake topper. For the color scheme, you can choose some color combination for your cake such as navy, blue, and white for the baby boy and the combination of navy, white, pink and red for the baby girl. Nautical Themed Baby Shower CakesSince the nautical theme can be a neutral gender baby shower party, it is not difficult to choose the perfect color scheme. Comes to choose the cake toppers, it is up to your preference. Some cake toppers that are related to the nautical theme, such as a sailboat, anchor, little sailor, or even little whale mostly found. If you are capable or have experience in the making of cake before, it will be fun and exciting if you make your nautical baby shower cake by yourself at home. You can decide what the shape, design, topper, color scheme and everything that will be used to make the cake. And the other benefit is saving your budget since you can make it as simple as possible or make the different cake design by adding some special touch to the cake design. It just depends on your preference then.Nautical Themed Baby Shower Cakes cute

Nautical Baby Shower Diaper Cakes

The diaper cake becomes another focal point in a table decoration beside of the baby shower cake. And no baby shower will be completed without a diaper cake. It is same with a baby shower cake that unique design of diaper cake need a perfect color scheme, decoration, and even topper. The diaper cake in a nautical theme can be found in many different designs and ideas as well. You can choose or even make your own diaper cake in any design that you want.Nautical Baby Shower Diaper Cakes For a simple diaper cake design in the nautical theme, you just can choose a simple diaper cake that made from some diapers cake and ties them up with a ribbon or paper in the nautical color scheme, like navy, red and stripe or chevron pattern. If you are looking for a unique diaper cake, you can design or choose it in ship shaped, anchor shaped, sailboat shaped or even ship wheel. For an easier work, you just purchase it or order in a local store or online store that offers a perfect nautical baby shower diaper cake fit your preference and style.Nautical Themed Baby Shower Cakes cute

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