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Princess Baby Shower Cakes Ideas ( + Photos )

The little princess is on her way! Celebrate and welcome her upcoming arrival by throwing a pretty and stunning baby shower party with a touch of elegance. And the princess baby shower theme is such a magical way to make your baby shower fit for elegance and even royal celebration. Set and decorate your princess room into a fairy and royal baby shower party by featuring a whimsical princess dress, delicate glass slipper on a fluffy pillow, shining decoration supplies and don’t miss the princess baby shower cake that will make your celebration perfect. The cake is an important element that always required for a sweet ending in every baby shower. Princess Baby Shower CakesSo many awesome ideas and designs of Princess Baby Shower Cakes that can be picked up and fit every “mom to be” style. For the example are the princess baby shower cakes for girls, royal princess baby shower cakes, Disney princess baby shower cakes, and even princess baby shower cakes in pink and gold option.

Princess Baby Shower Cakes for Girls

Throwing a baby shower party with a touch of elegance always becomes a perfect way to celebrate the arrival of your little baby. If the royal prince baby shower party is really awesome for a little prince, then the princess baby shower will be also a perfect way to welcome your little princess. There are so many things that should be planned to throw an elegance and royal princess baby shower and don’t forget to plan an elegance cake as well. There is no baby shower will be completed without a sweet ending. Beside as a sweet ending to every baby shower party, a cake also plays an important role as a centerpiece of a table decoration.Princess Baby Shower Cakes for Girls Tons ideas of princess baby shower cakes the for girl that available and all of them are commonly designed in a delight, elegance, and even royal look. Since it is a princess theme, an elegance and pretty color scheme will be needed. The option of pink color scheme becomes a common color scheme on any princess cake design. You can combine it with the other color scheme, such as white and pink, purple and pink, pink and red, and even pink and gold that is perfect to create a royal theme. But, there are also many other color scheme combination that can be picked up beside of pink, such as red and gold, red and white, purple and white, or even purple and gold. Just fit the color scheme with all of the elements of the theme, such as decoration, favor and even food. The princess baby shower cake is also made with a stunning and adorable decoration, such as flower, pearl, tiara, fairy wand, and others that can fascinate everyone on the party.purple princess baby shower cakes

Royal Princess Baby Shower Cakes

Celebrate your darling baby shower with an elegance royal princess theme is a great way. All you need is everything in an elegance, stunning, pretty and also royal theme, such as a royal princess cake design that will be a royal and magical centerpiece of your table. Since the royal princess cake is commonly made or designed in more stunning design than the other cake designs, it is great an idea when you order or purchase it since guaranteed. But, if you have experience to make kind of cake, making homemade princess cake can be preferred. Just use your idea and creativity to make and an add a special touch to your princess cake then. Royal Princess Baby Shower CakesThe royal princess baby shower cake is commonly found in pink and white color scheme, pink and gold, or even pink and silver color scheme. It is actually many other color combination that also perfect and fit to the royal theme. If you are looking for the other color scheme, you have to try the red and gold, purple and gold or even blue and gold. Two tiers or three tier cakes can be a great idea for a royal princess cake design. So many ideas of royal princess baby shower cakes can be found easily, such as a pretty princess dress cake design, princess cake in fluffy pillow with slipper glass or tiara at the top, castle princess cake design and make other. Make your royal princess cake with frosting in petal or flower technique will make it look more stunning then. Moreover, there are also many royal princess cake that also designed in ombre color scheme that is absolutely awesome to set the theme of your princess baby shower. Just fit and choose the royal princess cake design that fits into the whole of your theme or concept for a perfect result.Royal Princess Baby Shower Cakes with Yellow

Disney Princess Baby Shower Cakes

If your little princess is on her way, plan to throw this joyous moment with a special and royal baby shower. Baby shower in royal themes can be celebrated in many ways. But, it is a better way to celebrating a mom and dad to-be baby shower with a great and unique theme. And what’s even better than choosing Disney princess to throw a baby girl shower party. Disney princess that comes in many different characters always captivate people’s attention to fall in love with them. If you are a big fans of the character of Disney princess, throwing a baby shower with this theme seems to be fun and even magical way. Disney Princess Baby Shower Cakes Inspirational MyMoniCakes Disney Princess Castle Cake with Carriage and PillowPlan all of parts, supplies and items that are needed for your baby shower, such as choosing the cake design. Cake always becomes one of the best parts of every party, including of a baby shower party. Start to choose the princess character on Disney movies that will be used as the theme since there are many characters that can be selected, such as Cinderella, Snow White, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Sleeping Beauty and others. Just figuring out the characteristic of the princess, such as the colors does the character that always wear, the item that can symbolize the princess, or even adding the picture of princess into the cake decoration. Like in a Cinderella baby shower cake, you can add or design a Cinderella carriage as the topper or adding the fluffy pillow and glass slipper as the topper. For the Snow White baby shower cake, you can design cake in some tiers in the color of Snow White, like blue, red and yellow and adding red apple at the top. If you choose a beauty and the beast theme, you can design a yellow cake or yellow and red color scheme for your baby shower cake and adding crown or a red rose at the top that can symbolize the princess Belle.Cute Disney Princess Baby Shower Cakes

Princess Baby Shower Cakes Pink and Gold

When you already decide the theme of your baby shower, then choosing the color scheme is also important for the next step of your planning. For a princess baby shower party, the elegance, pretty and royal color scheme is required. And if you choose the combination of pink and gold as the color scheme, it is perfect! The pink color that can represent a pretty, feminine and cute theme will be perfect when it is combined with the gold color that always great to represent the elegance, extravagant and royal theme. Apply this pink and gold color combination on every part of your baby shower party, like decoration, foods, favors, invitations and also your baby shower cake. Stunning baby shower cake design is needed as a table centerpiece and baby shower cakes pink and gold set the theme perfectly.Princess Baby Shower Cakes for Girls You can prefer whether your princess cake is made in a single, two tier or even three tiers design, just choose it according to the “mom to be” preference. A pink and gold princess cake looks so awesome when it is added and styled with some embellishment. Such as the two or three pink princess cake that designed with pearls, ribbon, tutu and gold tiara as the topper. There is also pretty princess dress cake design that made with flower frosting technique looks so stunning with a gold tiara and fairy wand on it. It is also another great idea when you combine your princess baby shower cake with some cupcakes that placed around the cake. If there is no space on your table for your cupcakes, you can arrange them around your princess cake that makes your cake more stunning instead.Princess Baby Shower Cakes Pink and Gold

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