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Simple Lion King Baby Shower Decorations ( With Photos )

Nala Lion King Baby Shower Decorations

Your baby boy is on the way, so this is an exciting time for you to celebrate it. Planning a baby boy shower party would be mostly influenced by the selecting of the perfect theme. Tons of perfect and fun baby shower theme is available for a baby boy shower party. If you are looking for one of the most fun, most adorable of even most wild theme, the option of Lion King baby shower theme is a great option. A Lion King baby shower becomes one of favorite theme that always bring fun and happiness to everyone on the celebration. Starting from the decorations, foods, favors, and even the invitation design will captivate everyone’s attention easily. Lion King Baby Shower DecorationsWhen we are talking about the decoration ideas, it is commonly required to turn and decorate your room into a safari or jungle feeling to create the Lion King theme perfectly. In order to decorate and realize your baby shower theme perfectly, there are some ideas which can be adapted, like the Lion King baby shower decorations ideas, Disney Lion King baby shower decorations, Simba Lion King baby shower decorations, or even Nala Lion King baby shower decorations.

Lion King Baby Shower Decorations ideas

The perfect decoration is always needed for any party and the baby shower party as well. If you already captivate your guest’s attention with the invitation design long day before, the perfect decoration will captivate their attention at the day. Choosing the Lion King baby shower theme is such a perfect choice to celebrating and welcoming the arrival of your baby boy to your family. Getting the decoration kits in the Lion King theme is not difficult nowadays. If you prefer to make your decoration easier, just buy or order all the decorations kits easily from the local retail store, such as Party City. Lion King Baby Shower Decorations ideasBut, there are also many people prefer to get the DIY decorations kits for some reasons, such saving their money or even giving the special and a different touch to their decoration. For the first important step on the decoration, you have to choose the right color theme. The Lion King baby shower decoration ideas are commonly full of light green, yellow and also a brown color theme. It is great when you choose those colors and combine with the other color such as baby blue, orange, or even red on your Lion King decorations. In order to create a safari or jungle looks to your Lion King decoration, finding many ideas and inspirations are absolutely important. Choose one of the perfect decorations that fit and appropriate to the mother’s style is required. A colorful and a cheerful decoration will be needed on most of Lion King baby shower decorations. Add the artificial trees and plants into the decoration will bring a safari feeling to the theme. And do not forget to place a Lion King banner, picture or even toys into the decoration to emphasize the Lion King as the baby shower theme.Cute Lion King Baby Shower Decorations ideas

Disney Lion King Baby Shower Decorations

Not few of people are still confused about the Lion King theme for the baby shower. It can be for the selection of the decorations, foods, favor and even the invitation design on their planning. If you are one of those people, it will be easier when you adapt the Disney Lion King character as the theme. The Disney Lion King character in the movie is also popular as the other Disney’s character. It would be easier when you also familiar with the Disney Lion King’s character to decide everything needed for your baby shower. It is actually similar to the other baby shower decoration theme that still requires some decorations kits in usual, such as the balloon, paper streamer, banner, paper fan, paper lantern and etc. You will need all of those decoration kits to make your baby shower look fun and festive. Disney Lion King Baby Shower DecorationsBring the right color themes which can represent and set the tone of your theme perfectly. The Disney Lion King will also still need the color combination of light green, yellow, orange and brown as the main color theme. You can use and combine those color into your decoration kits then. For the background of your table decoration, you can use some curtain in different colors, like yellow, green and orange. Embellish or decorate it with the bouquet of the balloon in the same or different color. And to enhance the theme, you can also place the Lion King picture’s banner as the background. Since the Lion King theme will represent a safari or jungle atmosphere, the adding of artificial trees and plants is a perfect addition then. You can create the artificial trees and plants from the Styrofoam, plastic, balloons, and others.Disney Lion King Baby Shower Decorations ideas

Simba Lion King Baby Shower Decorations

Selecting the right and perfect theme for a baby shower party seems a little confusing for many people. But, you will choose the right theme when it is easy to decorate and there is no limit to what you can do. It is a brilliant idea to celebrate the arrival of your little cub with a Simba Lion King themed baby shower. Simba as one of a popular character on the Disney Lion King’s movie is a great character that inspired many people who watched that movie. As we all know that decorations are really important as the focal point of the every party. Decorate your party area with the incorporated theme that everyone will be excited and enjoy the party. Simba Lion King Baby Shower DecorationsThere is no limit when it comes to decorating your party area. Just use the creativity that perfectly set the tone of the theme and also fit the mom-to-be style or preference. For fun and jungle feeling baby shower, this Simba themed decoration will bring everyone into this feeling. Just stick to the jungle color theme that fit the Simba, such as browns, green and yellow. Use those color themes into your decoration kits, such as balloons, paper lanterns, tissue balls, paper streamers, paper fans and much more. You can place some bouquet of balloons in a great spot on your rooms, such as at the entryway, as the table backdrop, at the corner of the room or even use it as the centerpiece of your guest table. Hang up a paper banner with your little one’s name, lanterns and streamers will make your room more festive. Place some print out the character of Simba and friends are also a great idea to set the theme easily.Simba Lion King Baby Shower Cupcake DecorationsSimba Lion King Baby Shower Decorations ideas

Nala Lion King Baby Shower Decorations

The option of Lion King’s baby shower decoration is really a great theme for your baby boy shower party. But, if you are going to throw your baby girl shower party with this Lion King theme is such a brilliant idea as well. The Nala Lion King’s baby shower themed is suitable for your baby girl shower party. Nala is another popular character from the Disney Lion King’s movie that also gets a lot of fans. Throwing your baby shower with Nala Lion King themed will be as fun as Simba themed then.Nala Lion King Baby Shower Decorations It is actually similar on the Simba themed decoration that still needs a safari and jungle feeling, Nala Lion King’s baby shower decoration is also decorated with a safari feeling. However, this Nala themed is used for the baby girl, we can add some feminine elements into the decoration. Besides of yellow, brown and green color theme, we can add pink to set the feminine and beautiful look on the decoration. It is such a cute and beautiful theme for your baby girl shower party. You still need the common decoration kits for your Nala Lion King’s baby showers decorations, such as balloons, garlands, banners, streamers, lanterns and many other. You can add some beautiful swirl ribbons in pink color for more beautiful decoration look. Just purchase your Nala Lion King decoration’s kits online for an easier work.Nala Lion King Baby Shower Decorations

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